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Sony Sony KDL50W800C features Google's Android TV

It has good picture quality in a dark room, and it doesn't reflect a lot of light. However, it can't get very bright, and the colors are different off-axis. Sony Sony KDL50W800C TV is one of 2015's only 1080p TVs that can play 3D. For those who are considering purchasing a 3D TV (3D TV Buying Guide), Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV is a nice choice. When you have a KDL50W800C 3D TV, you may want to play your collected 3D Blu-ray on it, here just shows you how to rip 3D Blu-ray to Sony KDL50W800C 3D TV supported 3D format. 
I know that we can play 3D Blu-ray on Sony 3D TV with external Blu-ray drive and Blu-ray Player. Here, we just consider ripping 3D Blu-ray to digital version 3D MP4 format then store into USB External hard drive to play 3D movies on Sony 3D TV via USB port. This way not only can prevent our precious Blu-ray disc from scratching, but also gives us the convenience to carry. 

To achieve the goal, your Blu-ray Ripper needs the ability of breaking complex Blu-ray protect…