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Rip a DVD to Your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

Do you own a collection of DVD movies or TV series on DVD? Do you want to watch them on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Do you also wonder how to get DVD onto these devices in a digital format. If so, you should read the article carefully, as it will show you how to rip a DVD to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. 

Although there's no DVD slot in an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, it's still easy to play your DVDs on these devices without ever needing the DVDs again. All you need is the Pavtube ByteCopy, which lets you rip all your DVD videos into MP4 format for playing on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and even any other media player, like Android phones. Better, It allows you to lower the converted videos size, so that you can keep dozens of DVD stored in your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to play anytime and anywhere.(review

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