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Best Way to Import Panasonic HC-X900 3D AVCHD Videos to Final Cut Pro (X)

Summary: It’s a step-by-step guide for finishing HC-X900 3D AVCHD to FCP X conversion, with preserving the video quality and converting video easily and quickly.

Panasonic HC-X900 is a full HD camcorder has three separate sensors for red, green and blue light; these help it capture more accurate colors and more detail, while reducing noise, compared to single-chip camcorders. The camera supports 1080 50/60p video as well as 1080i and PAL. The new model adds updated image stabilization and an auto-stereoscopic screen for glasses-free 3D viewing with the optional 3D adaptor.

Now summer holidays are coming, users prefer to shoot videos or movies with this Panasonic HC-X900 when traveling or do some outdoor activities such as skating or riding a bike. Yes, HC-X900 camcorder brings the sweet memory back to them, and for better effect they will choose Final Cut Pro to do the editing this 3D .mts shootings from HC-X900. But when importing, they may meet many problems.

Well, something’s wrong fo…