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Editing Sony HDR-TD10 3D .mts/.m2ts Footage in Premiere Pro and FCP X

Summary: A quick and easy solution to make Sony HDR-TD10 3D MTS/M2TS footage compatible with Premiere Pro and FCP X with the maximum editing quality and efficiency.

“I'm working on a Mac but have a Sony HDR-TD10 camera that can shoot .mts/.m2ts 3D videos. I'm trying to figure out how to get this 3D footage onto my Mac so I can edit using either Premiere Pro or FCP X in 3D. Does any software support this directly on the Mac or do I have to use some converting program on the Mac to do this?”

Sony HDR-TD10 camcorder allows you to easily switch between recording in 3D and 2D, 1920*1080 Full HD 60p/24p recording. If you shoot 3D AVCHD video in .mts or .m2ts format with TD10, you will find the 3D AVCHD is not easy to use on Mac as it's not well supported by many editing software, such as the Premiere Pro and FCP X, you may encounter many problems as above.

In order to edit your Sony HDR-TD10 3D MTS in Premiere Pro and FCP X natively and to keep the HD video quality and avoid render…