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Convert 3D AVCHD MTS files to playable and editable AVI format

Summary: In this guide, you will learn the way to transcode/convert 3D AVCHD MTS files to playable and editable AVI format so that you can easily watch and edit the recorded 3D AVCHD videos on HD TV, PC or Mac.

In the camcorder market, 3D camcorders may be the new hot devices, uses buy 3D camcorders to record unusual images. Watching 3D movies at theater is so wonderful, and the 3D videos give us an experience like in a real world.

Many brand camcorder manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic and JVC has announced AVCHD 3D camcorders, the detailed models are as follows:

Sony: HDR-TD10/10E, HDR-TD20/20V, DEV-3/DEV-5, HXR-NX3D1
Panasonic: HDC-SDT750, HDC-Z1000, AG-3GP1

After capturing the AVCHD 3D video footage, you may want to have more access to these 3D .mts/.m2ts files, so is there any way allow us to edit and play 3D videos at home freely? At this time, you need a 3D AVCHD Converter for Win/Mac to convert recorded 3D files. If you’re looking for …