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Play Sony Handycam 3D MTS Videos with Side-By-Side on 3D LG TV

Summary: You may have got a 3D camcorder which record AVCHD MTS videos. You may like to watch Sony Handycam3D MTS on 3D LG TV, watch 3D AVCHD on PC or Mac. At this time, you need a 3D AVCHD to anaglyphic 3D converter to convert recorded 3D files, Pavtube can do you a big favor.

“Hi all, I have ordered a brand new Sony HDR-TD 10 3D-Camcorder, and also a new PC with a GeForce GTX 560Ti graphics card and a 3D LG Full HD monitor (23 inch). I just wonder how to watch my Sony 3D .mts recordings on LG TV with 3D effect. I did a lot of tests with some freeware, but in the final movie clip (3D) images are not aligned perfectly, as if they were slightly shifted. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.”

Although the HDR-TD10 is able to record 3D MTS videos which is not friendly with 3D LG TV. If you are interested in doing likewise and don't know how to, check out the guide below to learn how to convert Sony Handycam 3D MTS to SBS MKV for watching on 3D LG TV on Mac.

To start, you need Pavtube'…